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Frequently Asked Questions

A touchless car wash uses chemicals and high water pressure to clean the vehicle instead of brushes, minimizing the chance of surface damage to the vehicle. There are five primary factors to cleaning a vehicle successfully using a touchless system.
We use superior, Soap for a low and high pH factor in each of the two presoaks and then clear coat conditioner, along with High pressure rinse water for better cleaning and keep your car cleaner longer
Finally we use high-volume air dryers that follow your car’s contour.
There are some Pros and cons in soft touch washes. Here are the cons
Soft cloth can exacerbate preexisting conditions (loose molding, loose mirrors, nonfunctioning power antennas, etc.). If something on the vehicle was partially broken before, chances are it may be more damaged after the wash.
If the surface of a vehicle is not properly emulsified before reaching cloth (power sprayed or foam conditioner applied at first arch), the cloth an use the soils against the car and cause scratches.
Unlike other carwash locations, we offer Tire and Wheel cleaner for free. Our system allow you to swith between brushes to Rinse or vice versa anytime. its very cost effective and you can clean the car for $4.
We accept cash, credit cards, our coin changer machine allows you to change the coins and coins can be used for washes, vacuums, carpet shampooing, fragrance machines.
Yes - only “real” change is given as quarter. We won’t give you with tokens that can’t be used anywhere else.
We are always open, no matter the weather or time of day. (24/7/365) High resolution video surveillance is in use at all hours for your safety.

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